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All my life ive been alone. I was never cool enough to be included in hanging out woth my friends, but i was never able to blend in with the crowd. I stook out for some reason. I couldnt be invisible. I was noticed, and not always in a good way. The creepy guys thought i was accesible to them, yet the cool guys wanted nothing to do with me. My friends always came to me with their problems, but never said thank you or returned the favor by being there for me. Even in my own family ive been kinda just stuck in the middle. No one notices me in the waybi wanted to be. My own sisters excluded me their whole lives, but when things start getting out of control for them, im the one they expect to go to. I love my mom, miranda has different opinions about her. I secretly love my dad, but im more like a slave to him until he needs me to stop his anger…then he sees me. Mom talks shit about me to my sister behind my back and they all laugh. Yet when mom needs to go for a drive, im the one she wants to take along. I love how everyone feels like they can come to me with their problems, i just wish i had someone i could do the same with. I wish i had more friends who actually cared about me. Who invited me to hang out because they wanted me to be there for the fun parts as well. I dont have a lot of people in my life. At all. Yet, Im the luckiest person i know because even though things arent good for me. Im happy with the four people in the world that i care most about. Mom, my littlest sister, my best friend, and you.

I say the wrong things at the wrong time and suffer silently because of it. #Sad #FeelingLikeShit #Life #DontKnowWhatIHaveTillItsGone

My hands are up, but how is the ceiling supposed to hold us?

Dear Tumblr, I dont understand your purpose.